The Job

The Job

Mike McNeil is a decorated New York City detective whose toughest assignment is himself. He's struggling to balance a challenging personal life with a job that leaves him wondering on a daily basis if he is the last sane person in New York. His unconventional approach to his job makes him a great cop, even on the most trying days. The only thing he can't figure out is why, if he's the only sane guy around, everyone's always looking at him like he's crazy.

First Release: Mar 14, 2001

Duration: 30m

Quality: HD

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Actors: Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Diane Farr, Adam Ferrara, Bill Nunn, John Ortiz, Julian Acosta, Keith David, Karyn Parsons

Companies: The Cloudland Company, Apostle, Touchstone Television, DreamWorks Pictures